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Q & A

Choosing your dream photographer requires getting to know them and feeling comfortable with them on one of the most special days of your life. 

 What type of wedding photography do you specialise in?

A stylised-documentary approach: this means that I try to take mostly candid photos throughout the day and try to capture each moment in an authentic way, while also adapting an attractive editing style that shows each moment in the best possible way. When it comes to posed and group photos, I'm happy to coordinate a group into a pleasing arrangement, as well as use signature poses for couples photos. 

Are we able to meet or speak to you before the day?

I encourage all couples to speak with me before the wedding over the phone so that we understand each other's values. We can also discuss the schedule for the day or perhaps what type of photos you would like. We can meet in person around London before committing, and for those outside of London, a video call can be arranged for the sake of convenience. 

 Do you provide videography services?

Although I have captured many events, I leave the videography to an expert that I collaborate with. Geoff is a professional videographer with over 6 years of experience capturing weddings. His work can be viewed on his website or his instagram.

Do you have any reviews that I can see?

Sure, all of my reviews can be viewed on Bark, though for those who don't have bark profiles, I also receive recommendations which I've posted on my website. 

How do payments work?

Once happy to make a booking, an invoice will be delivered with information regarding the total fee as well as the deposit. This will be 25% of the total fee, with the remaining 75% due on the day or before. 


I accept a number of different payment options, including card payments, paypal and bank transfer.


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